16 December 2010

Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 Survey is released: £10 worth of chocolates available. Check out our********************  Fairtrade Fortnight 2011 webpage. **********************************

15 December 2010
Emma Batty, from the Sleaford Business Improvement District, states that she is right behind Fairtrade in Sleaford.

" The BID is encouraging more traders to join its Fairtrade trailblazers. Immensely proud of its Fairtrade status, the Business Improvement District is keen to see more shops, cafes and restaurants stocking products which have been made without resorting to child labour and which do not damage the environment.

BID manager Emma Batty said: “A range of businesses, including our local branch of Sainsbury’s, Lincolnshire Co-operative, health store
Mother Nature and Interflora support Fairtrade and we are pleased to promote all  traders who are doing so.  “We are planning to put up a Fairtrade banner in Southgate ahead of Fairtrade Fortnight, which runs from February 28 to March 13, 2011.

“We are also sponsoring The Fairtrade Group, which wants to produce certificates, so that we can recognise businesses which are spreading the Fairtrade message to their customers and staff. We hope this will happen on an annual basis”. It was students at Sleaford’s St George’s Academy (formerly St George’s College of Technology) who set the ball rolling in 2007.  Firstly they set-up their own Fairtrade stall and in 2008 St George’s became a  Fairtrade School. Then they helped to rally councillors, shopkeepers and
school governors, spearheading the drive to make Sleaford a Fairtrade Town earlier this year.

In 2009, a survey in Sleaford revealed that 62 per cent of people questionned felt that Fairtrade goods were affordable – countering a popular misconception that these products are expensive.

The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation is the international certification body for Fairtrade. It helps to ensure that producers receive a fair
price for their products.  

15 November 2010

Letter from Norman Baker, the Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for the Department of Transport to Stephen Phillip QC MP regarding 'Fairtrade Town signs'. It can be found at http://is.gd/helKH. We have now written back to NKDC to seek their approval.

27 October 2010

Article in the Sleaford Standard (grateful thanks to John Lavery, Editor)

?Do you agree with Lincolnshire County Council and the Department of
Transport that the sign would add to roadside clutter or do you think
Sleaford should have a Fairtrade town sign?
 Write with your views to
Editor, Sleaford Standard, 28 Handley Street,
Sleaford NG34 7TQ, or email john.lavery@jpress.co.uk

1 October 2010

Letter from Lincolnshire County Council regarding Fairtrade Town sign for Sleaford

Following intervention from Sleaford's MP Stephen Phillips QC MP we received this letter from the Lincolnshire County Council stating that any sign declaring 'Fairtrade Town' was not permitted within current regulations although they were aware that numerous villages, towns, cities, boroughs and zones were declared as 'Fairtrade' across the country. We still await a response from the Department for Transport.

2 September 2010

Lincolnshire Life Magazine

Glynis Fox writes an article about Sleaford and says:

Flagship for Fair Trade
When it comes to Fairtrade, Sleaford is something of a trailblazer!

Sleaford Fairtrade Group secretary Bob Stoner said: “We are possibly the first Fairtrade Town to emanate from a school. St George’s was the first school in Lincolnshire to become a Fairtrade School and then retain the certification.

“Now the group motivates and encourages other schools and churches to become Fairtrade qualified. This year our target moves to local businesses. The benefits are hugely significant.

“We pay a fair price for the goods. In that price the producers get a supplement – a Fairtrade premium – which enables them to provide for their community. The Fairtrade price for those goods will always include this supplement. If the price of the commodity falls they will never get less than the agreed Fairtrade price.

“However, if the commodity price were to increase, as it has with coffee and cocoa recently, then the Fairtrade price increases proportionally with the addition of the premium.”

People are encouraged to look out for the Fairtrade mark when they go shopping.

“In our own survey last year, we found that sixty-two per cent of respondents said that they didn’t think that Fairtrade was expensive – that’s quite different to the generally held impression.

“Where the most confusion lies perhaps is the question of how we know that the money that we pay for these types of goods gets to the producer. The Fairtrade Labelling Organisation, or the international certification body for Fairtrade ensures that the money is paid if the goods reach the Fairtrade standards and then the producer gets the agreed price, which includes the Fairtrade premium.”

Mr Stoner said the Sleaford Fairtrade Group wants people to understand that Fairtrade is not a charity, but a way of making sure producers get a fair deal.

“We may not be able to expect to buy all our products as Fairtrade, moreover, if local produce is available we encourage people to buy locally,” he added.

“Our plans for the future are to target local businesses with a view to promoting Fairtrade with their employees. We are already in the process of producing handwritten letters by the children of William Alvey Primary School and the business department of St George’s Academy is formulating a plan to speak to designated target businesses. Our wish is for these businesses to be a flagship for Fairtrade.”

Full article can be found here

August 2010

The latest Sleaford Town Council Newsletter contains a mention on Page 3 of the Fairtrade Town award. Read it here

3 July 2010

Fairtrade Town Certificate presented to Councillor Jack Collings, Mayor of Sleaford, by Debbie Wrightson, Chair of the Sleaford Fairtrade Group and Manager of Sainsbury's.
FT Cert Prese 3 July.jpgSFTstatus1.jpeg

21 June 2010
Sleaford Standard heralds the news of Fairtrade Town status for Sleaford
SleafordStandard coverage 24 June 2010.jpg

17 May 2010
St George's Academy retains Fairtrade School status for third year running

9 May 2010
St Denys' Church, Sleaford, announces it has secured Fairtrade Church status, joining the Riverside Church with such an accolade. Congratulations to the members of St Denys' Church who on May 9th were presented with their Fairtrade Church certificate from the Fairtrade Foundation. Excellent!
Churchwardens Richard Clash and Anne Smillie-Pearson receiving the certificate from The Venerable Tim Barker, Archdeacon of Lincoln, on behalf of the church, whilst Lay Reader David Hitchcock looks on.Sleaford_Parish_Church_Timweb.jpg

5 May 2010
The statement released from Rhys Hughes, the President of Interflora UK

Fairtrade Statement by Rhys Hughes, President, Interflora British Unit

Interflora has supported Fairtrade since our introduction of Fairtrade flowers back in October 2007 and we have recently extended our Fairtrade range to include Fairtrade food trays. We were keen that we could play a part in supporting people by bringing them dignity and allowing them a fair and guaranteed income.

We have been involved with the Sleaford Fairtrade initiative from the start and support the move from the Council to ask more businesses within Sleaford to promote Fairtrade within the workplace. Interflora now also offers staff the opportunity to use Fairtrade drinks and will look at other ways to promote the purchase of Fairtrade products wherever possible.

We look forward to Sleaford becoming a Fairtrade town in 2010. (He didn't have long to wait!)

Rhys Hughes
Interflora British Unit

7 April 2010
Sleaford Standard announces that the initial Bid to become a Fairtrade Town has failed but progress can still be made.
sleaford standard 7 April 2010 (copy).jpg

1 April 2010
Email from St George's Academy

Peter Gardner (Head of Business Department) tells me we’ve been awarded £150 from the Youth Chamber of Commerce to promote Fairtrade in Businesses. Woo hoo!

Donna Jarvis
Applied Learning/World of Work Officer

26 March 2010
Response following the BBC Panorama documentary concerning Fairtrade
Traidcraft's response to BBC Panorama Programme, Chocolate: the Bitter Truth, Wednesday 24 March
The Panorama programme Chocolate: the Bitter Truth, (Wednesday, 24 March) reported on the continued
problem of child labour in West African cocoa farms. As the programme included Fairtrade producers,
we wanted to give you more information about the issues raised, as we recognise that you may have

Fairtrade Foundation 

17 March 2010

9 March 2010
The pupils from the William Alvey School send a letter about their experiences meeting Diana Manasseh
will alvey letter.jpg

5 March 2010
Fairtrade Fortnight 2010
Diana Manasseh, a pineapple producer from Ghana was invited by the Fairtrade Foundation to do a tour of parts of England to promote Fairtrade. Sleaford was fortunate to be chosen. Here we can see some of the pupils, from William Alvey school, with Diana.
will alvey500.JPG
Diana's presentation can be downloaded here (it's quite large - be patient


3 March 2010
A pupil from St George's Academy receives an award as Lincolnshire's Good Citizen for his work with Fairtrade
pij in sleaford standard.jpg

26 February 2010
11 pupils from St George's Academy received the Diana Award Certificate of Excellence at Lincoln Cathedral. Their certificates were jointly presented by the Mayor of Lincoln and Lady Sarah McCorquodale, the sister of the late Princes of Diana.
diana for web.jpg

21 January 2010
A letter of support from Sleaford's own University of the Third Age

15 January 2010
The winning design from the Fairtrade Schools' Poster competition is shown here. It was professionally produced and displayed across Sleaford throughout Fairtrade Fortnight.
anna killen fairtrade poster.jpg